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Harry Potter- Lumos RPG
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Welcome to Lumos RPG
Based on Harry Potter

It's the 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for our friends, Harry, Ron, & Hermione!

*7th years
Harry Potter-
Ron Weasley-
Seamus Finnigan- lovestheirish
Dean Thomas-
Neville Longbottom-
Hermione Granger- irishshamrocks
Parvati Pail-
Lavender Brown-
*6th years
Colin Creevey-
Ginny Weasley-
*4th year
Dennis Creevey-
Natlie McDonald-

*7th years
Justin Finch-Fletchley-
Ernie Macmillian-
Susan Bones-
Hannah Abbott-
Eloise Midgen-
*4th years
Kevin Whitby-
Owen Cauldwell-
Eleanor Branstone-
Laura Madley-

*7th years
Terry Boot-
Morag MacDougal-
Su Li-
Mandy Brocklehurst-
Lisa Turpin-
Padam Patil-
*4th years
Stewert Ackerley-
Orla Quirke-

*7th years
Draco Malfoy- cocozoe123
Gregory Goyle-
Vincent Crabbe-
T. Nott (m)-
Pansy Parkinson-
Millicent Bulstrode-
Tracey Davis-
Blaise Zabini (f)-
*4th years-
Malcolm Baddock-
Graham Pritchard-

Albus Dumbledore-
Serevus Snape-
Minerva McGonagall-
Rebeus Hagrid-
Mundungus Fletcher (DADA)-
Sybil Trelawny-

Sirius Black-

If your interested in joining than email me at <email=lumosrpg@hotmail.com>LumosRPG@hotmail.com
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