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30th January 2003

cocozoe12310:40pm: Well, well, well... those ickle first years look like they are about to wet themselves. I can hardly remember when I was that small... I could almost step on some of them now. Little nuisances; they'll be running around the halls like they own the world just because they are finally coming to Hogwarts... of course, most grow out of it by second year, although some, like Potter and his band of geeks still haven't.

They have yet to see that Slytherin really is the superior house. Those poor, naive... children.

*looks around the Great Hall idly*

Tracy Davis really looks nice this year... she's definitely matured over the summer. I might have to test the Malfoy charm out on her.

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28th January 2003

lovestheirish11:07pm: *Sitting at Gryffindor Table*
It's great to be back again! My last year of school before I'm a fully trained Wizard! God, I'm excited. This year should be more fun than any of the others. I can't wait to start learning apparation either!

Or to get back on my broomstick! I hope Quidditch this year is better than last! I'm still shocked Ravenclaw beat us for the Cup! And don't even get me started on how Hufflepuff won the House Cup! It's still all beyond me.

Man, the sorting ceremony takes sooo long. Dumbledore should have the first years come a day early and be sorted. It would be easier on the rest of us! *rubs stomach*


Well I can wish cant I?
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lovestheirish11:01pm: ---OOC Post---
For player reference:

Head Girl: Hermione Granger (Gryff)
Head Boy: Justin Finch-Fletchley (Huff)

Dean Thomas- Gryff
Ginny Weasley-Gryff
Eloise Midgen-Huff
Su Li- Rav
T. Nott- Sly
Tracey Davis-Sly

Gryffindor Quidditch Team:
Harry - Seeker - Captain
Seamus - Keeper
Dennis - Chaser
Natlie - Chaser
? / All others

Hufflepuff Team:
Susan - Seeker
Owen - Beater
Justin - Chaser
?/All others & Captain

Ravenclaw Team:
Morag - Keeper
Terry - Beater
Stewert - Chaser
?/All others & Captain

Slytherin Team:
Draco - Seeker - Captain
T. Nott - Chaser
Graham - Chaser
?/All others

If you would like your character to be on the team, email me. LumosRPG@hotmail.com
5:10pm: Welcome to LUMOS RPG based on Harry Potter.

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